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                    Eat the hard-won II disc action, start from me!

                    Recently, the general secretary has made important instructions to stop food waste.He pointed out that the food waste phenomenon, shocking and distressing!"Who knows the plate is hard."Although China's bumper grain production year after year, we must always have a crisis awareness of food security, and the impact of the global COVID-19 epidemic this year has sounded the alarm for us.

                    A porridge and a meal are hard-won

                    Half silk and half strands of constant reading are difficult

                    Conservation is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation

                    Zhengyao enterprise is here to launch an initiative to you

                    Refuse to waste, cherish food

                    Strict economy, civilized dining

                    Orfood on demand and by quantity

                    Resolutely put an end to the table waste

                    Start from me, today is no leftovers

                    Let's get to the "disc"